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    What We're Working Toward

    What We're Working Toward | Image Size:80

    Every decision we make at Terrakai Skin comes from a commitment to achieve skin wellness without compromising on Earth and human health. And while we have indeed made significant progress on that front, we'll be the first to admit that we could do more. That's why we're sharing our sustainability goals, hopes, and visions for the future – both to inspire other beauty players in the industry to do the same and to keep us accountable. 

    PCR plastic packaging

    All our packaging (thanks to their color) is designed for circularity. But we recognize that they're still made from “virgin” plastic. That’s why we’re looking to move toward PCR plastic across all ranges and products here at Terrakai Skin. Using PCR removes plastic items from the waste stream – and gives them another life. But perhaps most importantly, this move allows us to drastically cut down the amount of “virgin” plastic generated daily.

    We also genuinely believe that recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging is just the beginning of what we can do. That’s why we’re looking forward to investing our effort into testing alternative packaging solutions, including bioplastics and mycelium-based packing materials, that will care for the planet without sacrificing the efficacy, safety, or stability of our products.

    Carbon neutrality

    Terrakai Skin aims to achieve carbon neutrality (i.e., balancing out the total amount of our carbon emissions) – with our carbon offset program slated to begin in 2022.

    Partner and supplier code of conduct

    While Terrakai Skin products feature a large percentage of Australian botanicals, they're also formulated with potent, natural ingredients sourced worldwide. So, we recognize that our impact extends beyond our operations – across all supply chain touchpoints. That’s why we’re drafting up a “Terrakai Skin Code of Conduct”, which sets our expectations for environmental and social impact.

    Compliance with this code will be a requirement of working with Terrakai Skin. Doing this ensures that all our suppliers and partners operate with the same values we do, with the underlying vision that skin wellness shouldn’t risk health or hurt the planet.

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