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    Our Young Skin Range Products Won the Best Clean Beauty Brands 2022 Awards

    Our Young Skin Range Products Won the Best Clean Beauty Brands 2022 Awards | Image Size:800

    Here’s an inconvenient truth. There are no universally agreed-upon criteria for the word "clean" in the beauty industry.

    For example, some skincare brands use "clean" in reference to their 100% vegan ingredients, while others slap the term on products wrapped in sustainable packaging. In other words, “clean beauty” exists on a spectrum.

    And that, imaginably, complicates things for you. How would you ever distinguish between the best clean beauty products (i.e., contain all-natural, vegan ingredients, are cruelty-free, wrapped in sustainable packaging, and make a positive environmental impact) from those who barely deserve the title?

     Answer: Best Clean Beauty Brands 2022 Awards.

    About the Best Clean Beauty Brands 2022 Awards

    The Organic Beauty Award—a global beauty award established in Sydney NSW, Australia—teamed up with Safe Cosmetics Australia to deliver the THINK CLEAN™ campaign, setting a new award category specifically for clean beauty products: Best Clean Beauty Brands.

    All skincare brands that enter the awards are carefully screened and scored based on the following (note: 55+ brands and 400+ products took part in the 2022 awards):

    •   Is it clean? (E.g., Are ingredients natural, organic, wild-harvested, or plant-based?)
    •   Is it green? (E.g., Does the brand use sustainable packaging?)
    •   Is it cruelty-free? (E.g., Does the brand test on animals?)
    •   Is it natural? (E.g., Do the products contain hidden microplastics?)
    Our Young Skin Range Products Won the Best Clean Beauty Brands 2022 Awards | Image Size:800

    We won the silver award in the Teen Skincare category!

    Now that you know what the Best Clean Skincare Brands 2022 Awards is all about … it’s time to share one of Terrakai Skin’s most exciting achievements recently: our Young Range clinched the Silver Award under the Teen Skincare category!

    How Terrakai Skin’s Young Range stands out from other “clean” beauty products

    Beyond merely excelling at the Awards’ 4 screening criteria (i.e., clean, green, cruelty-free, and natural), Terrakai Skin’s Young Range was also recognized for its skin specificity.

    But wait. What does that mean?

    The award committee deemed our ingredient formulation most effective for alleviating common skincare issues—from congestion to blemishes to excess sebum—faced by those between the ages of 10 to 19 years old.

    Why? Well, we’ll let our ingredients speak for themselves:


    • Mountain Pepper Berry and Goji Berry: Packed full of antioxidants, this potent duo exerts anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe breakouts, fight redness, minimize post-blemish scarring, and prevent future flare-ups.


    • Blueberry, Guava, Passionfruit, and Watermelon: Our formulation is a fruit buffet for a good reason. Fruit enzymes act as natural chemical exfoliators that work to break down the top-most layer of dry, dead skin cells and their bonds—fighting congestion and revealing brighter, softer skin.


    • Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera: Excess sebum production may be a sign of dehydrated skin. That’s why our formulation contains Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera; the former heals the natural skin barrier, so it better holds on to moisture, while the latter delivers a serious shot of hydration.   


    Our Young Range is also free from the nasties (namely, sulfates and parabens) known to irritate and strip the skin of its essential oils.

    You're probably thinking, "All this sounds great—but I don't know any teenagers/I'm not a teenager!"

    Guess what? While we have formulated our Young Range with those aged between 10 to 19 in mind, they will still work great for anyone with these skin concerns: sensitivity, blemishes, clogged pores, and inflammation.

    Did that describe your skin to a tee? Then shop our Young Skin Range below:

    Antioxidant + Rosehip
    Milky Cleanser
    Add To Cart - $36 USD
    Refreshing Goji +
    Mountain Pepper Berry Mist
    Add To Cart - $32 USD
    Brighter Days Ahead
    Mountain Pepper Berry C Serum
    Add To Cart - $45 USD
    Balancing Guava +
    Mountain Pepper Berry Moisturizer
    $37 USD - Sold Out
    I Woke Up Like This Vitamin C +
    Antioxidant Overnight Cream
    Add To Cart - $39 USD

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